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Our Products

Mudco Services Ltd. is exceptional in that we maintain proprietary drilling fluid product inventory in strategic locations across the Western Canada Basin.

Mudco markets only top of the line, brand name drilling fluid additives. We have the ability to formulate Mudco specialized products for our clients. All Mudco supply companies are known for their quality products and high standards of Quality Control.

As far as we’re concerned, the best way to ensure absolute product consistency and performance is to control how our products are made and how they are delivered. By marketing only high quality products in the manufacturers’ packaging, and not packaging Bentonite, Barite, PAC’s, Xanthan Gum, etc. from various suppliers in generic bags as many mud companies do, Mudco Services Ltd. ensures that our customers always receive top quality products, quality control support and maximum value for their drilling fluids dollar.

Request product information: drillingfluids@mudco.com

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