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Health, Safety & Environment

Mudco Services Ltd. is dedicated to safety in the workplace, and has developed and implemented a Corporate Safety Policy to this end. This Corporate Safety Policy was developed through consultation with the UPITFOS committee and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety – Health and Safety Programs Division.

The implementation of this Corporate Health and Safety Policy reaffirms the commitment of the management of Mudco Services Ltd. to working towards an accident free workplace. A copy of our Corporate Safety Policy is available for your examination upon request.

Mudco has been selected for a work Safe Alberta 2008 Best Safety Performer award as one of Alberta’s top safety performers – a responsible leader in our industry and a role model for other organizations in our sector.

Mudco is dedicated to the environment and believes in completing a job in an as environmentally-friendly manner as possible.

Mudco Services Ltd. has been COR certified since 2003.