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Mudco Corporate Information


Mudco Services Ltd. was incorporated in 1967 in Calgary, Alberta. The company was founded by Mr. W.G. Nixon and his wife J.B. Nixon. The first drilling projects supplied and serviced by the newly formed company were located in the east central plains area of Alberta near the farm where the founder of the company was born and raised.

The company grew from its humble beginnings and in 1970 opened the doors of its first downtown Calgary office. In 1988 Dan Nixon assumed the role of president; a role which he continues to occupy.

Mudco’s client base ranges from small privately owned and operated resource companies to major multinational operators.

Mudco Services Ltd. remains privately owned and operated by the Nixon family.

Our Team

Dan Nixon

Email : dann@mudco.com

Bogdan Dubroja

General Manager
Email : bogdand@mudco.com


Ken Eisner

Sales Manager
Email : ken@mudco.com


Brenda Stone

Office Manager
Email : brenda@mudco.com

Marya Stychyshyn

Safety Coordinator
Email : marya@mudco.com


Vince Aimoto

Technical Services
Email : vince@mudco.com


Chris Eastham

Business Development
Email : chris@mudco.com